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  • 06/03/20Admissions News June 3rd

    Hello Everyone!

    We hope all is well! We are in the final week of virtual learning here at Arlington Catholic, as our students finish their coursework for the final quarter of the year. Some of your children may be done with their classes as well, or winding down towards the final days of online instruction.

    Usually, at this time we begin to share with families some of the “ next steps” to prepare for the transition to high school. This year will be no different, as we are preparing our school, and will prepare you, for the reopening of ACHS in September, which remains our main focus and top priority.

    Throughout the summer, we will include in our newsletters key informational videos to help make the high school transition as smooth as possible.  Everything we do is designed to make things easier for you; but, we know you will have questions, and as always we are here to help!  Email me with your questions- we can set up a call or Zoom meeting.  Every question is a good question, so do not hesitate to ask!

    This week’s video will focus on “end of year” paperwork parents need to gather from your child’s current school. We also talk briefly about the device that you will need next year.  In future weeks, we’ll talk about summer assignments, book and uniform ordering, supplies, sports/extracurriculars, and opening activities- all the things parents and students need to know to be ready to go come September.

    In the meantime, to our students who have completed their schoolwork for the year- Congratulations!  For those still in virtual school- finish strong!

    For this week’s video, click HERE

    Steve Barrett
    Director of Enrollment
    Arlington Catholic High School



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