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Saint Agnes School is proud to offer a Learning Center with a full time special education teacher in order to meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Programs

  • 03/16/20SAS Daily Update 3/16

    Good morning, SAS families!

    You may have heard Governor Baker's mandate last night that all MA schools close through April 6.  Yes, unfortunately, this does include us.  This is about one week longer than we had originally planned.  

    We are all learning a lesson in the limitations of what we have control over and what we don't.  We can't control the current situation, but we can focus on doing our part to fully respect the guidelines of social distancing so that this ends sooner rather than later.  We should stay home as much as possible. This is not the time to be gathering with others. Students should use their social media to connect with friends rather than doing so in person; it simply is not worth the risk.  We continue to monitor the situation closely and will communicate with you often.

    Due to this ongoing situation, we have decided to extend our re-enrollment timeline to Monday, March 30th.  We are grateful that the majority of you have already re-enrolled, and hope that this extension enables the rest of you to do so.  It really helps our planning for next year to know our numbers, as accurately as possible.

    One way that we thought we could help maintain some normalcy over the coming weeks is to send a daily email including virtual Morning Prayer, a link to a fun resource or activity, and shout-outs for great teaching and learning that we're seeing!  Today is the first day of this.  We are open to your feedback.

    Click here to join in today's Morning Prayer!

    Here's a fun STEM activity to try at home to prepare for Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow!

    Have a great first day of learning from home!

    United in Prayer,

    Mrs. Oglesby