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  • 06/15/18Student Highlight - Nick Mercer - Rock Island Grand Prix

    Nick is just finishing up his Freshman year at AC, honor roll student, Varsity Golfer, and also played hockey on the AC Freshman Hockey Team.

    Nick’s hobby is racing Go Karts.

    Nick Mercer will be racing in the Rock Island Grand Prix, Rock Island, Illinois, during Labor Day Weekend, with the Margay Ignite Race Team for a piece of “The Rock”. 

    Rock Island Grand Prix is nationally known as one of the premier Go Kart Race Events in the U.S. and attracts drivers from outside of the U.S. as well.

    Nick has been racing Go Karts with great passion since an early age; Checkered Flags, Maine Indoor Karting, F1 Boston, X1 Wilmington, and New Hampshire Karting Association. 

    This year, he was able to find support from local sponsors to help him afford his own race kart, in order to get more track time in the NHKA and prepare for the big event at Rock Island, Sept 1st.

    Nick’s first race of the season is this Saturday at Canaan Motor Club, Canaan, NH.

    Seen in picture below, Nick sits in his Tony Kart Chassis (Italian made), Briggs & Stratton LO206 Engine at Apex Kart Sports, going through pre-check for overall kart weight and weight distribution before his race Saturday.

    Nick has ambition to take his karting to Formula 1 (F1600 Series) when he is 18.

    Go Nick Go!!!!  #77