Admissions News

Admissions News

Hello and Welcome!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Arlington Catholic High School! We are excited to have you join the class of 2025 ! I, as well as the rest of the admissions team, was so impressed by the quality of applications that we received this admissions season. We all know how tough this past year has been on everyone, however, HSPT scores, 7th and 8th grade transcripts and recommendations were some of the best we have seen in years!

You current 8th graders have had to adjust so much this past year, but you have all risen against the challenges and are continuing to succeed. That is what we look for when reviewing applications, someone who works hard, and tries their best!

The next step in the admissions process is to enroll as a student at Arlington Catholic. All of the instructions on the enrollment process can be found on the previous page, If there is any confusion please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to walk you through the process.

If you have not toured our school we would be happy to host you and your parents for an in-person tour of the school. We offer tours during school hours so you can get a feel for what a day at AC is like. Throughout the tour you have the chance to meet key school personnel, as well as enjoy first hand the feeling of our school. We unfortunately cannot host shadow days this year, but we have worked with 5 current students and recorded Virtual Shadow Days. Those videos can also be found on the previous page, 

I too went to Arlington Catholic, as well as my three siblings,  and my two daughters. The education I received, the friendships I made, and the lessons I learned within this building are things I will cherish forever. I hope that you will join us in September, so that Arlington Catholic can help form you into the person you were meant to be.

Take care, 

Patricia Crane ‘77, ‘81

Director of Enrollment