The Arts at AC

The Arts at AC

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Saint Agnes School has been forming hearts and minds since 1888! It was opened by the Sisters of Notre Dame, although the Sisters of Saint Joseph led the school from 1892.

The Art Department

 The spiral symbolizes Arlington Catholic's Art department. This universally positive symbol appears in the visual works of numerous cultures including Celtic art, Native American petroglyphs, Arabic architecture, Japanese rock gardens and African masks. It is also known to symbolize the evolutionary process of growing and learning. In terms of Spirituality, the spiral can represent the path from outer consciousness to the inner soul. As the arts are intrinsically valuable to all engaged learners, our classes integrate these various meanings as we begin the spiral journey with the basic principles of design and color theory. As our travel continues, students explore advanced artistic techniques and experiment with adding a deeper meaning to their work while applying their learned skills in creative problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources across academic subject areas. Just as the spiral may continue forever, our goal as an Art Department is to heighten curiosity and instill a life-long interest in all things creative.