Arlington Catholic High School & Saint Agnes School - Go Further with Faith

Go Further With Faith

Go Further With Faith

In 2017, Saint Agnes School and Arlington Catholic High School joined forces to make two strong schools into one stronger school.  Our goal is to provide a consistent comprehensive Catholic educational experience for all our students from Pre-K through Grade 12 within a strong parish community.

At Saint Agnes School/Arlington Catholic High School, we believe in Higher Learning.  Teaching a values based education is a vital part of our mission.  We believe we’re not just preparing students to reach their academic potential but to also become responsible, caring adults.  So along with science, history and math, we teach compassion, honesty and charity.  And that takes education to the highest level.

Higher Learning begins at the Pre-K level.  Saint Agnes School is committed to excellence in education and to fostering an atmosphere of learning, critical thinking and peacemaking.  Our focus is on nurturing the individual needs and growth of each child.  We are committed to providing for the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social education of our students.

At the high school level, Arlington Catholic provides an academic atmosphere in which students are challenged to think critically and creatively.  Whether working independently or collaboratively, students are inspired by a dedicated faculty to reach their fullest potential.    Student participation in athletics also plays an integral part of school life.  We offer a comprehensive athletic program with 24 varsity sports to students in Grades 7-12.  Students are also encouraged to develop new interests in all the various clubs and service organizations in the school.