President's Monthly Message

Reflections from Dr. Andrew Keough

This past February proved to be one of the happiest of my life. My daughter Julia delivered our first grandchild, Phoebe Christine! It is hard not to become overwhelmed with emotion and deeply reflective when your child gives birth. It brings back all the feelings that came with their birth and forces a person to think about what matters most. For me, like most of us, it is family. My wife and I raised our children to be good people, but above all, to be good to each other. The principles of our faith were instrumental in that happening.

When Phoebe was born, my other two daughters swung into action, immediately flying to Maryland to support their sister and meet their new niece. The love they exhibited, first and foremost for their sister but also for their niece, was beautiful to observe. They held the baby, stared into her eyes, and walked her around the house for hours so their big sister could rest. They made meals, did laundry, bought furnishings and equipment to make their sister more comfortable, and, most importantly, supported her when it was needed most.  

As parents, we can only hope our children will be good to each other as adults, as it is far from guaranteed. In our hearts, we hope that we have demonstrated love and kindness when they were young and that they will mimic it as they grow older. We also hope those they are exposed to and influenced by will do the same.  

As we celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19, I cannot help but think about the many Saint Agnes and Arlington Catholic children who learned about love for others from the members of this order. The Sisters adhere strictly to the words of their mission and, in doing so, have changed the world, one individual at a time.

Reflecting on this month, I am so proud to be a grandparent and that I get to share this experience with my wife. I am also thankful that through the Grace of God, my children have grown into loving, caring family members who know what matters most in life. Finally, I am grateful that I am part of a team that lives out the legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and that we continue to change lives and the world for the better through a “ of neighbor without distinction”.