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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship



Arlington Catholic High School Digital Device 

Based on our collaboration with Saint Agnes School, and the results from surveying teachers and students, we have decided to go with a Bring Your Own Device model.   It is important to evaluate and assess the best options for teaching and learning. Technology changes very fast and the options for devices have changed dramatically, with more and more devices that have become similar in function, use and cost.  Keeping in mind there is no perfect device for everyone, we want to use the technology to enhance student learning.   Please see the list of allowed devices here.


Digital Citizenship and Literacy Workshop

“The awareness, attitude, and ability of individuals to appropriately use digital tools and facilities to identify, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, analyze and synthesize digital resources, construct new knowledge, create media expressions, and communicate with others, in the context of specific life situations, in order to enable constructive social action; and to reflect upon this process.” (Martin, 2006)

Our freshmen participate in this workshop.  The curriculum involves having students learn to be able to think critically about the ethical opportunities and challenges of the digital world and makes safe, responsible, respective choices. 



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