Daily Schedule Early Learning Center

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule 



Infants - 2 months through 15 months

Infants set their own routine with their own body rhythms. We use a responsive curriculum when your child is in our care. Your infant’s routine is based on your child’s needs and the daily schedule and routines. This routine discussion will be a part of the meeting with the director before your child starts in the program and ongoing through our daily communication. 

If you feed your infant prior to arrival at the ELC, then a schedule for a 6 hour day at the ELC may go like this:

  • 7:30 - 8am  scheduled arrival at ELC
    • Resting, play
  • 9am Diaper change, feeding, resting, 
    • Floor time to play 
    • Outdoor time
  • 1pm Diaper change
    • Feeding with bottle time 
    • Resting time 
    • Floortime & play
  • As scheduled Pick up & Departure



Toddlers - 15 months through (afternoon nappers)

  • 7:30am  Arrival as scheduled, welcome, play & learn 
  • 8:15am  Early morning breakfast 
  • 9am Group welcome, songs, read 
  • 9:30am Morning activity 
    • Play, explore & learn, Diaper change
  • 10:15am Mid-morning healthy snack 
  • 10:30am Reading time 
    • Play, explore & learn
  • 11:30am Lunch 
  • 12:00pm Oral health 
  • 12:15 - 2pm Quiet Rest time with soft music 
    • Play, explore & learn, Diaper change
  • 3:15pm Afternoon Healthy snack 
  • Play, explore & learn at centers until Pickup & Departure as scheduled