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The Bookstore wiill open:  July 11, 2022
Free shipping w/minimum $99.99 set up as follows: 

 Jul 11, 2022 - Jul 18, 2022 

Aug 1, 2022 - Aug 8, 2022



For help with BNC/Vitalsource ebooks it is best to have your order number and BNC account information ready to help troubleshoot  877-420-1728

BNC Direct Customer Service:  Customer service: 1-800-325-3252


Purchasing your textbooks/digital content for school

Arlington Catholic High School works with an  online course material company called BNC/MBS Direct.  We use this company to provide a one stop shopping experience.  Most of our course material, print book, workbooks and  digital content are found through MBS Direct/BNC-K-12.  Click on the link to get started.  

You will need:

1) your student's schedule (located in FACTS Family Portal)
2) credit card or paypal to make the payment.
3) If you are ordering for more than one child on one BNC account please go to “Sibling Purchases” at the bottom of the page.
4)  School email for your student set up.  


MBS/BNC K-12 Direct Bookstore - Ordering Instructions 

ISBN numbers are provided through MBS Direct/BNC K-12 so you are welcome to shop for a lower price if you choose (e.g. Amazon). The digital content or print must be the same edition as provided by BNC Direct and must be device compatible.

For novels and paperbacks, some students have found The Book Rack, (located directly across the street from AC), to have a better price.





Digital Textbooks

The types of digital textbooks/content that students will purchase for their classes at Arlington Catholic High School

ebooks -  ebook/eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a physical textbook (usually a PDF format).  These books are sold through our MBS/BNC K-12 Direct bookstore and Vitalsource.  Vitalsource Bookshelf® is the platform in which is used to read, study and learn.   Most of these books are a one year rental, the student does not own the book.  (Vitalsource Bookshelf App needs to be downloaded to the iPad to read on the iPad).  

Bookshelf App (free) .bookshelfapp.PNG


Access codes -  many of our digital content is purchased through access codes provided by the publisher.  The access code is sold through our bookstore MBS/BNC K-12 Direct.  The publisher then provides a code, to the student to access the digital text.  These access codes are sent by US Mail or emailed to the student with the order.   Once they get the access code in the mail, they will have instructions of how to access the content.  This is a one year access code to the digital content. 


Sibling Purchases  


Here is a link to a video on how to order for multiple students and have the content go directly to each student.

Note: Please assign digital content to the student school email (

For help with BNC/Vitalsource ebooks it is best to have your order number and BNC account information ready to help troubleshoot  877-420-1728.

BNC Direct Customer Service:  Customer service: 1-800-325-3252

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