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Achievement Center

Achievement Center

AC Achievement Center Mission Statement


The Arlington Catholic Achievement Center will strive to empower students by providing the skills, resources, and structure to achieve academic success. Guided by learning specialists and using individualized and small group work, we focus on study skills and executive functions allowing students to become more effective and efficient learners. We also work collaboratively with students to develop strategies for understanding, note taking, homework completion, essay writing, test preparation, and test-taking.  Additionally we provide:

  • Reviews of IEP and 504 plan accommodations to assist students in making effective progress in their classes
  • A structured peer-tutoring program for academic support
  • Teachers available in the center to provide additional content-specific help

Each grade has one block of study periods built into their schedule. 

Students with educational plans are assigned to the center twice a week.  

When seats are available, other students are welcome to join the Center during their assigned study periods to talk with Center staff and/or work on assignments.



Enrich: (verb) to make (someone) rich or richer

Creating poetry with published writers, making movies on iPhones, interacting with Olympians and professional athletes, networking with AC alumni, and preparing for the SAT’s… all these enriching activities and more are offered by the Arlington Catholic Achievement Center, allowing students to develop knowledge and skills that may not be readily available in traditional classroom settings.   The Achievement Center is dedicated to providing enrichment workshops that enhance students’ understandings of the world and their places in it.

Academic Support

Support: (verb) to give assistance to; enable to function or act

Working to create a proactive and positive learning environment in the Achievement Center, the staff focuses on executive functioning and study skills to help students find success in the classroom.

 Students work with educational specialists on these learning skills, as well as on their course work in a small group setting. The Center is also home to Arlington Catholic’s Peer Tutoring Program which is open throughout the school year to all students.


Achievement Center Staff

JoAnn Passeri, Director,
BS- Early Childhood Education, Bridgewater State University
MEd- Moderate Disabilities (8-12), American International College
EdD- Curriculum, Teaching, Learning & Leadership, Northeastern University

Soren Colstrup,
BA- English, Framingham State University
MEd- Secondary Education, Providence College

Matthew Genetelli, Learning Specialist,
BA- Political Science, The George Washington University
MEd- Moderate-Severe Disabilities (5-12), Simmons College
MSW (in progress)- Simmons College

Ying Liu,
BA- English, Nanjing University
MA- Communications, Emerson College

Brain Morgan, '18 (Math Tutor)