Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 12/20/18AC's Entrepreneurship & Marketing Students learn from Metro Pedal Power

    Arlington Catholic High School, Arlington, MA, Nov. 27, 2018   Our students taking the Entrepreneurship & Marketing course at Arlington Catholic High were thrilled to meet and speak with Ms. Wenzday Jane, founder and owner of Metro Pedal Power, Boston’s human-powered delivery service ( Ms. Jane carved time out of her busy schedule as CEO of the Somerville-based company and took on the role of guest lecturer as she described her path in creating a start-up business. Our students had just watched Bob Nesson’s 2014 documentary, “Power to the Pedals, Wenzday Jane and the Culture of Change” ( that told the story of how “one woman reshapes her life and her community”. To then have the star of that film before them in their class was quite exciting.

    Ms. Jane’s visit was valuable to our students in several ways. First, as a story representing “here’s what I did, you can do it too”, her account was inspiring to them as future entrepreneurs. Also meaningful was how her business demonstrated corporate social responsibility, the concept that the relationship between business and society ought to go deeper than economics. Metro Pedal Power replaces trucks with human-powered bicycle cargo vehicles to pick up and deliver materials around Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment. The company also delivers produce from local farms to restaurants, farmer’s markets, and neighborhood customers demonstrating how businesses can interconnect for the benefit of all. As our students develop their business plans in class, they learned that incorporating social responsibility into their mission statements is not only community building, it’s good for business!