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  • 04/14/20ACHS Daily Update 4/14

    Daily Update, 4/14/2022


    Good morning AC-


    Our daily opening prayer at AC: Loving God, as I begin this day, help me to live my life to the best of my ability. To be open to those who love me. To respond to those who need me. To forgive those who hurt me. To be especially kind to others with my words and actions. And to appreciate the world in which we live. Saint Agnes, Pray for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 


    Today is E Day. Students should only complete work for Mods 7-1-2-3-4.  Parents and students should be consistent in checking email and the online gradebook for notifications about missing assignments. Teachers may be willing to extend deadlines, but communication from students is essential about work that may be missing or late. Students who are non-responsive will likely find these opportunities reduced. 


    Everyone should continue to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible. In addition to the school building, all fields in the town of Arlington (including the AC Turf Field) are closed until further notice; there should be no gatherings of any kind on the fields. 


    This is ‘Arts Week’ at AC! Since we can not be present together, a number of activities are online. Today:


    • The AC Virtual Art Show features work created by students in Mr. Fullerton’s Art 1, Design, Painting and Drawing, Graphic Design, Sculpture, and AP Studio Art classes. 
    • Keep the arts alive at home! Visit this link for  information about how to keep experiencing local music, theatre, visual art, dance, comedy, and kids’ art projects. 
    • MOSAIC:  TED TALK  by Colin Grant: Discussion; TIME: 2:30-3:30 PM VIA ZOOM (link will be sent to participants). Sign up here.

    Please mark your calendars for a virtual presentation from Ivy Watts on April 15th at 3pm. Ivy was scheduled to speak at the sophomore day of reflection, but given the current situation and the ties to our Judge Broderick presentation, we will be offering her talk to the entire community. We will have a link available on the 15th. Ivy's bio: Ivy Watts, a former Division II All-American track athlete, who appeared to have it all together struggled daily with her mental health, in silence. After finally seeking help, Ivy is now dedicated to promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma around mental illness by sharing her story through public speaking and her blog, Beautifully Simply You. Ivy, who is Certified in Mental Health First Aid and has her Masters in Public Health, empowers others to speak their truths, know that they are not alone, learn the beauty of self-love and find the strength to keep fighting for their tomorrows.  

    Zoom and Hangouts meetings are very important and one of the few ways to stay in touch with classmates and teachers. One of the biggest complaints from teachers is that students do not attend these meetings, or when they do they stay mute or have the video off. Ironically, one of the biggest comments from parents is that there should be more of these. Teachers should be scheduling a meeting time/office hours once a week and students should recommit to attending and participating in these.




    We know that many may wish to reach-out for pastoral care. The priests of St. Agnes Parish are available via phone (781-648-0220), email, or a number of video conference platforms, such as Google Chat and Zoom. Their contact info is available at  There are other resources and programs (including a program for HS students, Faith in an Anxious World that is Zooming on Mondays) that might be helpful to individuals and families on the site as well. Each day you are prayed for at the Facebook Live Mass broadcast from Saint Agnes Church each day at 12pm. 


    Senior Announcements:


    • Please continue to email Mrs. Lally with any merit scholarships you have been awarded by colleges, even those you are not using. We print these in the Commencement program. The deadline for this is May 1st.
    • Students who played a Varsity sport are asked to complete this form by Friday.  
    • The Medford Catholic Women’s Club has a scholarship for young women from Medford who are planning to attend college or nursing school. Please call Jerri Clemente at 781-391-5048 for information and an application. The deadline is May 15th. 


    Underclass Announcements:


    • The enrollment deadline is this Friday 4/17. While we work on the schedule please know that students who have not enrolled will not be scheduled until the enrollment packet is completed. 


    The Divine Mercy Chaplet is a great prayer to pray each day. Next Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday in the Church. Some other resources are here and here



    The Arlington Catholic Administrative Team