Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 03/29/19Affirmation Rocks - Check out our NHS Student Service Project

    As we continue on in our season of Lent, we all need a little something to help motivate and inspire us further on our road to peace. Last Thursday after school, students from all grades took the time to come together and paint beautifully crafted stones to help bring joy and inspiration to our beloved community. Students have painted everything from corny puns such as “You Rock!” (get it? :) ) to short and rejuvenating words such as peace and love. These rocks can be used as a little decoration on your desk or around the classroom to help bring a little joy to everyone’s day. If you see a student who isn’t having a great day, plop one on their desk as a little pick me up. It’s the little things that matter in life which is why these rocks our perfect for our community. These inspirational little rocks are going to be left in a box in the main office so you can grab a few to add some more light and love into your classroom.  -- Madeline V. '19