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  • 11/16/18Alumni invest in Arlington Catholic to honor Mr. Serge Clivio

    Alumni invest in Arlington Catholic to honor Mr. Serge Clivio

    The Arlington Catholic Community is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Serge Clivio Scholarship. 
    In recognition of Mr. Clivio's dedication to the students at Arlington Catholic and the football program, Mike and Julie (Visconti) Deneen, both class of '87 have made a $100,000 donation to establish the Serge Clivio Scholarship which will support young men and women who would not otherwise be able to afford an Arlington Catholic education.
    In the spring, an incoming Freshman will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship for their Arlington Catholic education.
    Through the Deneen's generosity and Mr. Clivio's mentorship, each scholarship recipient will receive the financial, academic and spiritual support they need to thrive at Arlington Catholic. 

    Last Saturday at the event honoring Mr. Clivio, alumni from 1984 on, spoke about the tremendous impact he personally had on their development both academically and spiritually. Mr. Clivio said, "I am humbled by this tremendous honor and honored that the Deneens are establishing this scholarship to support students at Arlington Catholic."

    As both a coach and a teacher, Mr. Clivio teaches students to have integrity, faith and kindness in all they do.  He has been mentoring students in the classroom and the football field since 1985.  

    Miss Linda Butt, Head of School, stated, "I am grateful to Mr. Clivio for all he has done and continues to do for the students at our school. This is a well-deserved honor. Mr. Clivio is the embodiment of the teaching from the Book of Micah, 'Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with God.' " 
    While the Deneens are establishing the scholarship with the initial investment, additional gifts are encouraged so the scholarship may continue and serve more students in Mr. Clivio's name.

    Mr. and Mrs. Deneen said the following, "Like so many others over the past 35 years, we have been touched by Serge’s leadership, support and guidance.  We humbly honor him today with the formation of the Serge Clivio Scholarship.  While our initial investment will support 10 future students, our sincere hope is that this is just the beginning of something very special.  We challenge all who have been profoundly impacted by Serge to open up your hearts and wallets to help support future students in need to thrive in the AC community.  Serge has spent 35 years (and counting) at AC.  Let’s help 35+ students in his honor!"

    Please click on the link below to contribute to the Serge Clivio Scholarship.

    For more information please contact Beth Flynn, Director of Development, at or by phone at 781-777-7022.

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