Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 06/19/19Local Language Students Score Well

    Congratulations to several Spanish and French students from Arlington Catholic High School who have attained national recognition for excellent performance on their National Exams.


    “Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 146,000 students participating in 2019.” Students from ACHS have recorded high achievement on the exams for the past three years and were taught by Spanish teachers Emily McClintock, Mary O’Connor, and Natalie DeLaria. The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 6 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


    The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students of French in grades 1-12, in all 50 states and abroad, take a written test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds for prizes. French students at Arlington Catholic were taught by Andrew Palmacci.


    The following students attained awards for their performance on the NSE 2019:


    Spanish 3 Level

    Rena Ruggiero - Gold Medal

    Ryan Browne - Silver Medal

    Kylee Reekie - Bronze Medal


    Bianca Burke - Honorable Mention

    Olivia Copeland - Honorable Mention

    Hannah Cox - Honorable Mention

    Julia Doherty - Honorable Mention

    James Donahue - Honorable Mention

    William Mance - Honorable Mention

    Dominic Metro - Honorable Mention

    William Sakey - Honorable Mention

    Zachary Tammaro - Honorable Mention

    Christian Gomez - Honorable Mention


    Spanish 4 Level

    Shandelle Gomez - Gold Medal

    Sage Chricu - Gold Medal

    Michaela Bialock - Silver Medal

    Scott Sullivan - Bronze Medal

    Jasmin Reynoso - Bronze Medal


    Kathryn Burns - Honorable Mention

    Lindsay Coffey - Honorable Mention

    Christina Coukos - Honorable Mention

    Erin Donlan - Honorable Mention

    Sam Klein - Honorable Mention

    Kathryn Libertini - Honorable Mention

    Alexis Morris - Honorable Mention

    Sara Pizzarello - Honorable Mention

    Rachel Yore - Honorable Mention


    The following students attained awards for their performance on Le Grand Concurs 2019:


    French Level 2:

    Stephanie Nyembo - Gold Medal - Level 2C

    Mary Kennedy - Honorable Mention - Level 2A

    Christina Sime - Honorable Mention - Level 2A

    Sophie Zenkin - Honorable Mention - Level 2B


    French Level 3:

    Ashley Appo - Honorable Mention - level 3A