Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 09/18/20Locker Room Protocols


    General Locker room rules

    -MASKS must be worn at times!

    -All surfaces touched must be wiped with sanitizing wipes

    -EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE LEFT IN LOCKERS DURING PRACTICE AND AFTER PRACTICE (or overnight) – equipment must be brought home and should be cleaned.

    -Equipment may be left in the locker room during the school day.  Coaches will explain the protocol


    -No access during the school day

    -No Food or Drink in the Locker Room

    -No Congregating (Get in, Social distance, Get out!)

    -Locker rooms are limited to 8 people maximum which will be monitored by coaches and/or staff

    -Boys Soccer players will change up at the practice field locker room (6 at a time), except on days of away games as monitored by the coaches

    -Athletes whose cohort is attending school digitally on a particular day MUST show up for practice or game dressed and ready.

    -Athletes waiting to get into the locker room should wait in the cafeteria (or other designated areas) at a desk until they are called to the locker room.

    -On weekends, athletes should report directly to the facility  prepared for practice or game (or bus) …unless directed otherwise locker rooms will not be available on weekends.

    -All items must be in closed gym bag
    -Do not leave anything in the locker room after school

    Do your part to keep sports going!