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  • 04/30/20SAS Daily Update 4/30

    Good morning, SAS families!


    Here is today's Morning Prayer.


    On Friday at 8:00am, Father Mike will offer a Parent Coffee about Mary, our Blessed Mother.  Please join if you are able!

    *Please note, Father Mike is on call for his new ministry to anoint patients with COVID-19 in the hospital, so there is a possibility that he will have to cut the coffee short if he gets a call.  Thank you for understanding.

    Join Zoom Meeting 76689866023?pwd= eGphT1dSNlFqdEdlNUd6WHQvc2tYQT 09

    Meeting ID: 766 8986 6023
    Password: 0BCHgy


    It will be the perfect follow-up to the Parent Rosary at 6:30am!

    Join Zoom Meeting 72964825691?pwd= WEdGYnJKaWJkMWRhN29wUlFaU2VPdz 09

    Meeting ID: 729 6482 5691
    Password: SASRosary


    Last call for this Special Opportunity (We are still pretty far from our desired number!): As you know, the month of May begins tomorrow.  May is the month of Mary, and we honor our Blessed Mother by praying the rosary together.  In a special way this year, Pope Francis is encouraging us to pray the rosary at home.  We would like to create a virtual rosary to share, but need your help!  We need 53 Hail Marys, 6 Our Fathers, and 6 Glory Bes, for a total of 65 prayers.  We would LOVE to get 65 families to each record themselves praying one prayer together.  Please email me if you are willing to do this, so I can keep track of the numbers.  Once we receive all of the recordings, we will put them together in video format.  Father Mike Sheehan went to school and took photos and videos around the school for us to include as well.  Thank you in advance for your prompt reply to this request!


    Today's Fun Activity Suggestion is: Put together a puzzle.  When you finish, watch how puzzles are made!


    The Poem of the Day is: "I Love the Look of Words" by Maya Angelou

    Popcorn leaps, popping from the floor
    of a hot black skillet
    and into my mouth.
    Black words leap,
    snapping from the white
    page. Rushing into my eyes. Sliding
    into my brain which gobbles them
    the way my tongue and teeth
    chomp the buttered popcorn.

    When I have stopped reading,
    ideas from the words stay stuck
    in my mind, like the sweet
    smell of butter perfuming my
    fingers long after the popcorn
    is finished.

    I love the book and the look of words
    the weight of ideas that popped into my mind
    I love the tracks
    of new thinking in my mind.


    Shout-outs to:

    First Grade, as they write their own poems today!

    Third Grade, as they learn about the Legend of the Three Trees!

    Sixth Grade, as they study Ancient China!


    Have a great day, everyone!

    United in Prayer,

    Mrs. Oglesby