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  • 05/08/20SAS Daily Update 5/8

    Good morning, SAS families!


    Here is today's Morning Prayer.  


    Here is today's theme for Teacher Appreciation Week:



    We can't WAIT to see these!  Be sure to email me photos for social media!


    Here is today's fun activity suggestionUse Supercook to find a recipe you can make with all of the random things in your pantry!


    Shout-outs to:

    7th Grade as they learn about limiting factors and carrying capacities within ecosystems!

    5th Grade for an awesome virtual field trip to the aquarium yesterday!  It was so cool to see Myrtle the Turtle eating lettuce!

    3rd Grade as they make oobleck as part of their study of matter!


    Wishing all of our SAS moms and grandmas a very happy Mother's Day this weekend!

    United in Prayer,

    Mrs. Oglesby


    P.S. One of our 8th Grade students made this gif herself for all of the teachers to show her gratitude!  I couldn't get it to post on social media, but wanted to share it here.