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  • 06/09/20SAS Daily Update 6/9

    Good morning, SAS families!


    Here is today's Morning Prayer.


    Here are the Tuesday Tidbits.  Please read carefully; they are full of important information!


    Please complete this End of Year Remote Learning Survey to give us feedback on the past 11 weeks so that we can plan for the future, should the need for remote learning arise again.


    On Thursday, June 11, all Grade 1-7 families are invited to come "drive thru" the school parking lot to pick up their child's personal belongings, which teachers have bagged and labeled.  This is also an opportunity for your child to wave to their teacher "from a distance" and you can also drop off textbooks as well as used uniforms that no longer fit your child.  You are asked to come during the window that matches your last name:

    8:00-8:30am: Alonge-Czech

    8:30-9:00am: Daniell-Greene

    9:00-9:30am: Hackley-McClain

    9:30-10:00am: McGeoghean-Nonni

    10:00-10:30am: O'Leary-Sousa

    10:30-11:00am: Sullivan-Zuccaro

    If you are unable to come at your scheduled time, please contact Mrs. Oglesby to arrange for a separate, safe pickup/dropoff.  Please note that 8th Grade, K0, K1, and K2 are not included in this because they will have already received their items.  If you need to drop something off for one of these grades, please contact Mrs. Oglesby to make arrangements.  Thank you.


    Today's fun activity suggestion ismake your own kite and try to fly it!


    Shout-outs to:
    Our friends in K0, K1, and K2 for all of the learning and growing they have done this year!  We are so proud of you!


    Have a great day!


    United in Prayer,

    Mrs. Oglesby