Arlington Catholic High School FAQs Digital Citizenship

FAQs about Arlington Catholic's Digital Devices

FAQs about Arlington Catholic's Digital Devices


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All students attending ACHS are required to bring a device to school to use for educational purposes.  

Technology changes very fast and the options for devices have changed dramatically, with more and more devices that have become similar in function, use and cost.  Keeping in mind there is no perfect device for everyone, we want to use the technology to enhance student learning.  

Click here for the allowed devices 

What devices are allowed?








Windows (laptop)

Storage Space (minimum requirement)

32 GB (minimum)

128GB (minium)

16GB (minium)

128GB (minimum)

Operating System

Should be updated with the latest iOS

OS 10.13

Chrome OS, (updates automatically)

Windows 10, Windows 11












The iPad Mini does not meet our requirements and will not be allowed to be registered. The iPad Pro in either size is allowed. An iPad with cellular connectivity is not needed, but is allowed. However, per the School Handbook:

Using the cellular network capabilities is not permitted during the day, unless permission is obtained from teacher, or administrator.

Click here to compare iPad models.

In addition to the device, what else should we purchase?

Each student's device should be in a protective case to shield it from damage.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a protection plan or extended warranty that may come with your device.

Is there an Acceptable Use Policy for the device?

Yes, there is an Acceptable Use Policy for technology that includes appropriate use of any device. The Student Handbook describes this policy for use of any digital or electronic devices.  

This is located in FACTS Family Portal 


Will we be responsible for buying apps used in class?

Many of the apps used in the classroom will be free to download. There may be some apps in certain courses that students may wish to purchase. Teachers will inform students as to what apps they may be using in their particular courses.

Are students able to use digital textbooks?

Yes, they will purchase any digitally available textbook either through MBS/BNC Virtual Bookstore (ex. eBook, iBook, or Access Code) 

For more information click here.

Students and families may choose to use print texts. Please be aware that some features of digital texts may be used in classes, however.  ISBN numbers are provided through MBS Direct/BNC K-12 so you are welcome to shop for a lower price if you choose (e.g. Amazon). The digital content or print must be the same edition as provided by MBS Direct and must be device compatible.

Will a student’s iPhone or other smartphone device be allowed as a substitute for the device in the classroom?


While students will continue to have the privilege of using their cell phones during lunchtime in the cafeteria, these devices will not be allowed to be used in the classroom for educational purposes in lieu of an another device. 

What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

Per school policy: the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The school highly recommends that you purchase a protection plan that may come with your device or extended warranty.  

If you have an iPad or Macbook it is helpful to activate the “Find My iPad” setting to help with locating a missing device.


Will there be an ‘Technology Help Desk’?
Yes.  Our Technology Help Desk is located in the Library.  You can also email Kelly Seibel, or Nick Parisi,