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Upper School


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Saint Agnes School is proud to offer a Learning Center with a full time special education teacher in order to meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Programs

Academic Requirements

Arlington Catholic High School's requirements for graduation prepare our students for success in college and beyond.
Students must take:

  • 4 years of English
  • ‚Äč4 years of Theology
  • 4 years of Math
  • 3 years of Science
  • 3 years of Social Studies
  • 2 consecutive years of the same World Language
  • 2 years of Physical Education
  • 1 year/credit Fine Arts/Humanities (beginning with Class of 2022)
  • Additionally, students must complete required hours of Christian Service throughout their 4 years at AC. See the Ministry tab for more information


The complete 2019-2020 Program of Studies is available here.

Freshman Year

Freshman year students must take:

English 1
Language (French, Italian, Latin or Spanish)
World History
Physical Education

1/2 Credit of Fine Arts (Chorus, Music Appreciation or Fine Arts Appreciation)

Plus one elective course

Sophomore Year
Sophomore year, students must take:
Biology (if not yet taken)
English 2
Language (French, Italian, Latin, or Spanish)
Theology 2
Physical Education
plus 1 or 2 elective courses for a full 6 credit load
Junior Year
Junior year, students must take:
Algebra 2
Chemistry (if needed)
English 3
Theology 3
United States History          
Plus elective courses for a minimum 6 credit load
Senior Year
Senior year, students must take:
English 4
Science (if needed)
Social Studies (if needed)
Plus elective courses for a minimum 6 credit load