Arlington Catholic High School Cougar Strength Clinic

Cougar Strength Clinic

Cougar Strength Clinic


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80% of faculty hold an advanced degree

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 This is offered in the Summer

Mission Statement

The Cougar Strength Clinic offers kids a place to workout, increase sport-specific skills, and get ready for their season by offering a combination of mental health, nutrition, strength, and agility training.

The staff at the Cougar Clinic will focus individually on participants to ensure a personalized program specific to the sport or activity of their choosing.

The focus will be on developing:

-Proper Lifting Techniques
-Overall Body Strength
-Increased Speed and Agility
-Injury Prevention/Rehab
-Sport Specific Training
-Nutritional Habits and Pre-game Diet
-Mental Conditioning and Preparation
-Integrations to preseason for all sports


Alums and non AC Athletes are welcome!




Dave Wilcox

Dave has worked with various athletes in various sports for over 20 years, from being an assistant football coach in the fall to an Assistant coach for track & field, Dave’s knowledge in both sports makes him a  great fit for the staff.

Serge Clivio

Serge has also worked with various athletes in both football & baseball for over 20 years. He is the head AC football coach & coaches baseball during the spring. He has brought AC to a superbowl and many winning seasons. In short, he knows how to train to win.


Will Cobb

Along with being a teacher at AC, Will serves as an assistant coach for the football team and coaches basketball as well. Will himself was a standout high school athlete and is well versed in weight training techniques, speed, and agility training.


Message from the staff:

Whether it’s football, soccer, volleyball, or baseball, we have coaches to work on your sport specific needs. Each group will eventually be organized into sport specific groups after learning the basics and you will be training in accordance to your sport. Our promise is you will get in shape and be ready for your season.