$10,000 Drawing

$10,000 Drawing

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$10,000 Drawing


We are excited to bring to you a new and improved event for The Catholic School of Saint Agnes Parish.  As Saint Agnes School and Arlington Catholic High School work together to build one stronger school, it has allowed us to offer a larger and more exciting $10,000 Drawing.  As you know, each year Saint Agnes School has hosted a $10,000 Drawing in April and Arlington Catholic has hosted one in May.  This year, we are happy to announce that The Catholic School of Saint Agnes Parish will be hosting one unified $10,000 Drawing in January with additional prize money!  This combined event will allow us to give out a total of $15,000 in prizes to participants this year.

We hope to bring the best aspects of each event to this wonderful night and we look forward to your continued support and participation.  Today we are over 750 students strong, all of whom are experiencing a high quality, values-based education that well prepares them for the college years and beyond.  

The drawing this year will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2019 in the newly renovated Barton Hall. Doors open at 6:00pm.  The Snow Date for the event will be the following Saturday, February 2nd.  If this date is snowed out, we will draw the winners during the school day on the next day school is in session.

Please join us for some food and drinks with a chance to see some old friends and meet new friends.

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