Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 03/17/20ACHS Daily Update, 3/17

    Good morning AC-

    (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

    We hope that yesterday was a productive academic day for all. Faculty are experimenting with a variety of methods to deliver instruction...students were reading Macbeth online, completing projects assigned while we were in session and participating in activities through Khan Academy, plus much more. We thank everyone, students and staff, for their flexibility and hard work at this difficult time.

    Today is DAY C. Students should complete work for Mods 4-5-6-7-1. Please be sure to reach out to teachers with any questions or issues that arise. All emails will be answered by 3pm each day.


    The point of closing schools and social distancing is to contain this virus. Students and families should stay home as much as possible. This is not the time to be gathering with others. Students should use their social media to connect with friends rather than doing so in person, it simply is not worth the risk to themselves and others. 



    • The Catholic Parishes of Arlington are broadcasting a Daily Mass each day at 12pm on their Facebook page,, please tune in for some solace during the suspension of in person celebrations of the Mass.

    • Per order of Gov. Baker our tentative return date is April 6, 2020. 

    • The MIAA has set a tentative spring sports start date of April 27, 2020.

    • Several people have asked about proms and other events, we will continue to monitor the situation and guidance from officials and keep you posted. 

    • Even though we are home, we need to think about next year as well. After March 30th we will begin forming classes, so it is important for families planning to re-enroll to do so by March 30th.

    • March 30th will now also be the deadline to choose courses for next year. We are able to work on this remotely so this deadline is incredibly important. Please reach out to teachers and guidance counselors with any questions. Completed worksheets can be returned when we all come back to school.


    This is a very difficult time that is unprecedented. Working together we will get through this.


    Today's prayer is from the Archdiocese of Singapore:

    Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of good health and peace that we have enjoyed for so many years. As we find ourselves in this time of crisis today, we ask for your divine intervention and mercy to be upon each of us.

    Come and guide the minds of those working to discover a treatment to the COVID-19 virus. Grant them wisdom, knowledge, and clarity of mind, so that all peoples will be free from the threat of this ailment.

    We also pray for the healthcare workers that are standing in the front line of this battle. Father, we thank you for their hearts of service, putting the needs of society before their own, generously responding to the cry of Your people. We ask that You will grant them strength and protection. As they give of themselves in selfless service, may You fill them with your Holy Spirit as they work to be Your healing hands and feet!

    Father, we also surrender to You all those who have been afflicted with the virus. Grant them Your healing grace, merciful Father, so that they may recover swiftly and continue to be witnesses of Your love in their lives.

    Mother Mary, we ask for your intercession in this great time of need. Cover each of us with your blue mantle of protection, so that we may be preserved in good health to continue to glorify your son, Jesus Christ. We make this prayer through Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer.


    Blessings. Be well,

    The Arlington Catholic Administrative Team