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  • 03/22/20SAS Remote Learning Update - Sunday, 3/22/20

    Dear SAS Families,

    Thank you so much to all of you who were able to complete the Remote Learning Survey.  This feedback is incredibly helpful to us as we plan for the future.  Overall, the feedback was extremely positive.  We are grateful for your understanding that the current situation is not ideal, but essential for everyone’s health and safety.  We want these weeks of “school closure” to continue to be a time of meaningful learning for our students, but it’s also very important to us that our students continue to feel connected to their teachers and classmates.  We heard you echo this in your comments to us.  Know that your child’s emotional well-being is just as important to us as their academics, particular during this uncertain time.  

    We are working hard to maintain a balanced approach to remote learning.  We understand that every family has its own unique circumstances.  As a result, we have asked teachers to be flexible and understanding.  We know that not every student in the younger grades has their own device.  We know that not every family has a printer.  We know that many of you are concerned about the amount of time your children are spending sitting in front of a screen.  We hear you, we share your concerns, and we are going to be trying our best to provide a variety of different assignments in order to meet each child’s needs, given our own limited resources.

    We wanted to share some of the survey results with you.  48 parents completed the elementary survey and 42 parents completed the middle school survey.  Middle school students will also be sent their own survey to complete tomorrow, so we can take their feedback into account as well. 

    Feedback from elementary parents:

    Feedback from middle school parents:

    Changes to be implemented this week based on feedback:

    • Teachers will now be posting the daily assignments by 8:00am.  We recognize that families are up early and hoping to get started with their days, so we are responding to that.  

    • Teachers will be offering some type of virtual interaction each week.  Generally this will be in the form of a whole class Zoom meeting or Google Hangout session.  In some cases, teachers are also doing 1:1 sessions to help students in need of a brief “in person” explanation or in the younger grades, to check in with students.  We received a great deal of feedback about the need for students to continue to feel connected, and clearly the “face to face” opportunities are the best resource we have.  Mrs. Spellman is working to schedule virtual support for students on IEPs who usually utilize the Learning Center.

    • For the next two weeks, starting this Friday, March 27, we are going to try a change to the schedule.  Fridays will be “WIN (What I Need) Days”.  This will be an opportunity for students to catch up on any outstanding assignments, as well as for teachers to focus on grading and planning for the week ahead and participate in virtual meetings.  As you can imagine, the time spent planning for and then managing remote learning is immense.  Since this Friday is the last day of the 3rd Quarter, teachers will plan to be available to respond to student and parent questions via email from 9am-2pm.  For families that want their children to be busy during the day on Fridays so that parents can focus on their work, students can focus on enrichment activities (see list of attached resources).  This is also a great time to catch up on the weekly specialist assignments.  Several parents in the elementary grades said that it is hard to get these done during the week, as you are trying to focus on keeping up with academics.  We hear you and offer Friday as a time to take a breath.  Teachers will not be posting new required assignments on Fridays.  For families that have more flexibility and want to take it, feel free to use Fridays for family time.  We know that everyone is under a great deal of stress, and it’s important that you do what you can to care for your family’s needs (getting outside, playing a family game, communicating with elderly family members virtually, etc.)


    Expectations that will continue to be the same as last week:

    • Assignments will continue to be due by 6pm each day.  This deadline is in place because we believe it’s an important structure for our students; however, please communicate with your child’s teacher if this is burdensome for your family and teachers will be flexible.  Our hope is that this deadline will enable families to eat dinner and have some “down time” together in the evenings before bedtime.  AC is shifting to a later deadline, but at this point, we do not feel this is developmentally appropriate for our students.

    • Students/parents should continue checking email/logging into Google Classroom by 9am each day to find out what needs to be done that day and to make a plan.

    • Teachers will continue to check email from 9-11am and 12-2pm each day to respond to student and parent questions.

    • Expectations for time spent on task for each grade/class will remain the same.  We did hear some feedback that some of your children are spending more than the expected time on their assignments.  If this is a pattern and you are concerned about your child’s ability to complete the work in the expected time, please reach out to teachers.  As a reminder, the expectations are:

      • Middle School (Grades 6-8) - 30 minutes of learning for each class each day

      • Grades 3-5 - 2 hours total of learning each day

      • Grades K-2 - 1.5 hours total of learning each day

      • K0-K1 - 1 hour total of learning each day

      • Specials - 45 minutes per special each week

    We do understand that of course, our youngest students are not able to do all of their work independently.  Teachers are trying to make sure that the work given is meaningful and not just “busy work”, but there certainly will need to be some support given at times, especially to our youngest learners.  We don’t want this already stressful time to be even more stressful for your family because of remote learning.  Ultimately, our hope is that students will try their best with the assignments they are working on at home.  If your family’s resources or circumstances prevent your child from completing a particular assignment or type of assignment, please just communicate with your child’s teacher and he/she will be as flexible as possible.  In many cases, an alternative assignment can be given.

    Some of you asked about an expectation for students to “be in class” at a specific time each day.  Although we know some schools are doing this, we feel that an asynchronous format like ours is best, given the various demands placed on students and families in these challenging, unprecedented times.

    Social distancing is still very, very important. Students should not be gathering (in even small groups), etc. All of the guidance says that separation is one of the very best things we can all do at this time. 

    We still know of no confirmed cases of this virus among our students, staff or their families. We also, again, ask you to provide us with any information that will help us to continue to evaluate this situation and keep everyone as safe as possible. 

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all keep working together to continue to keep our students safe and academically engaged at this unprecedented time.  We know many of you feel overwhelmed with all that is currently on your plates.  You are doing an amazing job; be gentle with yourselves!  Remember, we are here to help.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Let us continue to be United in Prayer,

    Mrs. Oglesby & Mrs. Durazo

    P.S. To put a fun spin on the week ahead, we are doing a Virtual Spirit Week!  Read the details in tomorrow’s daily update!