Arlington Catholic High School News


  • 11/16/17Students of the First Quarter

    Sophia Struzziero was selected as the senior Student of the Quarter. Sophia’s favorite subjects are biology and chemistry which have led to her  interest in the medical field.  She also enjoyed the AP Capstone Program at AC.  Sophia has received the Regis College Book Award and was a Massachusetts Letters about Literature 2017 Level III semifinalist.  Not only is Sophia the Senior Class president, she plays lacrosse, is the officer of AC’s S.A.D.D club (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and a member of  AC’s S.A.I.L program  (Student Ambassador Internship League). When she is not hanging around with her friends and cousins or volunteering at Mass General Hospital, Sophia works  as an Assistant Manager at Market Basket.

    When asked what she likes best about AC and the school community, Sophia replied “ I like how close the AC school community is.  It  is like one big family.”  Sophia's’ best memory at AC is being the Cougar mascot at football games and when the hockey team made it to the Garden.

    Sophia’s plans after AC are “to further my education and hopefully go to medical school to become a doctor.”



    Bradley Appo was selected as the junior Student of the Quarter. Bradley’s  favorite subjects in school are math and science because they are the same world-wide.  At AC, Bradley participates in the homework club, science team, math team, S.A.I.L program  (Student Ambassador Internship League) and arts council. Bradley likes basketball, music and TV. When asked what he likes best about AC and the school community, Bradley  replied “ It is a close-knit community dedicated to helping others.”  Bradley's best memory at AC  was the sophomore dodge ball tournament “It was exciting and so much fun.”




    Olivia Copeland was selected as the sophomore  Student of the Quarter. Olivia’s favorite subject in school is English because “you have the freedom to create something that is your own using words.  There isn't one definite answer like the maths and sciences”.  At AC, Olivia participates in choir, vocal performance, the drama club and the arts council.  When asked what she likes best about AC and the school community, Olivia replied “the teachers and staff are here for you and are committed to your success.” Olivia’s best memory at AC  is the Festival Day for the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild,  in which eight schools performed a 40-minute show.




    Ashley Appo was selected as the freshman Student of the Quarter. Ashley's  favorite subject in school is chemistry (science) because she loves learning about the world and all of the aspects that make up our daily life. Ashley feels there’s always more to learn when it comes to life as everything grows and evolves over time and thinks it’s really exciting to learn more about the world through investigations and experiments.  At AC, Ashley participates in the liturgical choir, homework club, prayer service, science team, humanitarian club, photography club, and arts council.  She plays volleyball and dances as well.  Some of her favorite things to do include singing, dancing, practicing artwork, and helping people in the community.  She also enjoys sewing and crochet. When asked what she likes best about AC and the school community, Ashley replied “AC is such as friendly and close knit community. Everyone is so nice and and teachers and students are always willing to help out. Along with that, I feel like the curriculum at AC helps prepare us as students for the rest of our years in high school and in college. Overall, AC is a well rounded community.” Ashley’s best memory at AC was the prayer service. “The prayer service was such a great way to encourage students to be aware of the events going on in the world and to send their prayers out to them. I think that it was also an entertaining way to inspire everyone through songs, prayers, and dance. Being a part of the vocal performance group was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one.”