Lower School (Grades K1 to 5)

Lower School (Grades K1 to 5)


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Saint Agnes School is proud to offer a Learning Center with a full time special education teacher in order to meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Programs

Our Lower School comprises Grades K1 (Pre-Kindergarten) through 5.

Lower School Faculty & Staff:

Ms. DeAngelo K1 Teacher mdeangelo@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Sweeney K1 Aide dsweeney@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Harrington K2 Teacher tharrington@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Pondelli K2 Aide kpondelli@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Solomon Grade 1 Teacher jsolomon@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Schelzi Grade 2 Teacher mschelzi@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Begley Grade 3 Teacher mbegley@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Kilpatrick Grade 4 Teacher mkilpatrick@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. McNeill Grade 5 Teacher smcneill@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Jenison Music ajenison@saintagnesschool.us
Mr. Woods Gym jwoods@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Greeley Art agreeley@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Lombana Spanish plombana@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Cusick Robotics & Engineering mcusick@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Cohen Computer mcohen@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Cameron Library bcameron@saintagnesschool.us