Lower School Introduction

Lower School (Grades K1 to 5)

Lower School (Grades K1 to 5)


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Key Facts

Our Lower School comprises Grades K1 (Pre-Kindergarten) through 5. As part of an enhanced curriculum, students have classes with a specialist subject at least once per day! The school chaplain visits the Lower School grades frequently to help foster the spiritual formation and participation in our faith. In Grade 2, students are gradually prepared for the reception of First Penance and First Holy Communion in May.

Lower School Faculty & Staff:

Ms. Slater K0 Teacher sslater@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. DeAngelo K1 Teacher mdeangelo@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Sweeney K1 Aide dsweeney@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Harrington K2 Teacher tharrington@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Pondelli K2 Aide kpondelli@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Solomon Grade 1 Teacher jsolomon@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Caouette Grade 2 Teacher ccaouette@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Begley Grade 3 Teacher mbegley@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Camp Grade 4 Teacher mcamp@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. McNeill Grade 5 Teacher smcneill@saintagnesschool.us


Ms. Melchionna Music amelchionna@saintagnesschool.us
Mr. Woods Gym jwoods@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Greeley Art / Library agreeley@saintagnesschool.us
Mr. Garita Spanish agarita@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Chamberlin Computer / STEM kchamberlin@saintagnesschool.us