Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center 

Saint Agnes School and Arlington Catholic High School welcomes our new Early Learning Center.  We now offer care for infants (8 weeks old) and toddlers (3 years old).  This care completes the strong and continuous program offered for children from infants through Grade 12.  

For more information on the Early Learning Center please contact Amy Savoy at 781-777-6100 ext. 414. 








The Early Learning Center at Saint Agnes School fosters a nurturing, responsive curriculum in developmental areas of social emotional & relationships, cognitive, language and communication, and physical growth, including fine and gross motor skills. Our Early Learning Center fosters a community committed to raising, nurturing, and teaching young children in partnership with parents, centered around the Gospel message of Christ. 


The Early Learning Center at Saint Agnes School offers a rich, responsive curriculum to support individual learning and development. We encourage nurturing and responsive relationships between the infants and toddlers, their families, and the teachers. The opportunities for young children to see and experience positive social-emotional learning builds the foundation that is key to facilitate growth and development. 

Staff members of the Early Learning Center prioritize the safety and comfort of each child through routines, environmental design, thoughtful planning, careful observations, supportive collaboration, and daily communication with families, in order to offer the highest quality learning environment, personalized for each child.  The Early Learning Center follows all guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and Saint Agnes School (SAS) for COVID-19 safety.