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Service Hour Requirements

"I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another." In light of this scripture passage, we understand that students learn about their faith and how all Christians are called to live out their faith through action.

In keeping with our mission as a Catholic school and to living out our Core Values, students are required to complete community service hours each year. As part of their Theology course, students will reflect on their service from a Christian perspective.

Required Hours:

Freshmen: 20 hours
Sophomores: 20 hours
Juniors: 10 hours
Seniors: 10 hours (completed by the end of first quarter, 11/3/2023)

Service sites must be approved by the Campus Ministry office; see below for approved locations and contacts. Other locations need to be approved before the student begins their service. Students are strongly encouraged to find volunteer opportunities at their local parish, Saint Agnes Parish or Saint Agnes School. Students may choose to complete their service hours over the summer. Service is not performed for family members and is not something that a student is compensated for. Generally, service done at AC does not count toward this requirement.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Campus Minister before completion. 

All service must be completed no later than March 1st of each year; service hours for seniors must be completed by the end of the first quarter.  Students will be required to submit their service information through the Google Form below in order to receive credit for their service. 

Community Service is both essential to our mission as a Catholic school as well as a graduation requirement.   

Please see the Student Handbook for further information.

All service hours must be logged in the RenWeb Family Portal. This is done by clicking the Family section, changing the name at the top to the name of the student, clicking the "+" sign and adding the necessary information.

Volunteer Placements


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Arlington Catholic High School is an integral part of school life.  The Campus Ministry program focuses on the spiritual development of each student.  Campus Ministry offers challenging and unique opportunities through which students, faculty and staff can deepen their understanding and experience of themselves as human persons and their faith as Christians.  We hope to enable each student to develop a deep and lasting commitment to their faith and serving others.

Campus Ministry activities are designed to promote prayer, both personal and communal, and individual reflection.

Educators in our school are called to live as Christian witnesses, who bring this living faith into their classrooms.  The religious formation of our students goes beyond the classroom.  

Olivia Dooley, Director of Campus Ministry



  • First Friday Masses
  • Freshmen Welcome Mass
  • Opening of School
  • All Saints Day
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Christmas
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Saint Joseph’s Day
  • Ascension Thursday
  • Baccalaureate



  • Morning Prayer and Pledge
  • Advent and Lent Services and Reflections, for students and parents
  • Ash Wednesday Prayer Service


Examples of past and present programs

  • Outdoor Balloon Rosary
  • Greif Group
  • Denim Day 
  • Sophomore Grandparent's Day
  • Christmas Gifts Drive for the Mass. Coalition for the Homeless
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Living Stations of the Cross
  • Lenten Food Drive
  • World Mission Rosary
  • Junior Ring Blessing
  • Pilgrimage for Life
  • Red Cross Blood Drive