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High School is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity....Enjoy your four years and learn all you can!

The Guidance Department at Arlington Catholic High School is committed to helping students reach their full scholastic and personal potential. To this end, counselors provide academic support, college/career counseling, and social/emotional guidance. The services offered by Guidance are many and diverse, but our foremost concern is availability to students. Throughout the school year, students will meet with their counselor both individually, and in groups. Additionally, guidance counselors are the link between parents, teachers, and students. Parents are encouraged to communicate their questions and concerns regarding their child’s well-being and success. Likewise, students are welcome to schedule additional appointments as needed.



Meet your Staff

Grades 10-12 Counselors
Janet Delude '96, Director of School Counseling - 781-777-7013 - 

Jessie Dunn '01, Guidance Counselor - 781-777-7012 -

Cheryl Mastrogiovanni, Guidance Counselor - 781-777-7025 -

Grade 9 Counselor and Licensed Social Worker
Christy Kiernan, LICSW - 781-777-7015 -

In addition to serving as freshman counselor, Mrs. Kiernan is also the school's licensed social worker.  Any student grades 9-12 can be referred to Mrs. Kiernan

Administrative Assistant
Betty Lally '74, 781-646-8255 -



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