Arlington Catholic Hall of Fame Members

Hall of Fame Members

Hall of Fame Members


Arlington Catholic High School

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When AC opened in 1960, it was staffed solely by the Sisters of Saint Joseph

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1996 Inductees

Rev. Msgr. Paul McInerny, Class of 1964

Michael Foley, Class of 1968

Kathleen Treanor O’Loughlin, Class of 1968

Thomas Fitzgerald, Class of 1971

Charles Lyons, Class of 1971

Michael McGlynn, Class of 1971

Edward Woods, Class of 1973

Michael Byrne, Class of 1979

1998 Inductees

Paul “Fudgie” Brown, Class of 1964

Charles D. Keefe, Jr., Class of 1969

Paul J. McDonald, Class of 1970

Lawrence J. Murphy, Class of 1970

Nancy Babine Kucinski, Class of 1972

Karen Falkenstein Green, Class of 1974

Richard W. Lally, Class of 1975

Charles J. Uglietto, Class of 1979

2011 Inductees

Kevin F. Greeley, Class of 1968

Hon. Gerard Boyle, Class of 1967

Sheila A. Babine, Class of 1975

2000 Inductees

Wayne Williams, Class of 1967

Pamela Fleming Laquidara, Class of 1973

Paul Donato, Class of 1980

Clifford “Deak” Doyon

‚ÄčAnthony Pallotta

Charles Pigott

2013 Inductees

John Shack, Class of 1964

Mark Sullivan, Class of 1972

Laurence Barton, Class of 1974

2016 Inductees

John Carroll, Class of 1964

Peter Agnes, Class of 1968

Michael Pallotta, Class of 1981

Lisa (Hickey) Simmons, Class of 1996