COVID-19 Updates

As you know, we are in a rapidly changing and challenging situation. As COVID-19 continues to spread, and as public health leaders offer more definitive guidance, we have come to see that our AC/SAS community can play an important role in the public health approach to this local, national, and global threat. 

The Arlington Catholic / Saint Agnes School Administration Team is receiving updates constantly from local health agencies to determine what is in the best interest of our community. The health, safety, and well-being of our students and families is, as always, of the utmost importance during these unprecedented times. We are closely monitoring any and all updates on best practices and more preventative measures.

Below are the communications from each school to our current families. Please check back for updates.

What if I have a question? - While school is out of session for this extended period of time, we felt it was important to post a list of contacts for a variety of issues that may come up. Please use email at this time as most staff are sporadically checking messages at this time. - Click Here

ACHS Daily Update 3/27

SAS Daily Update 3/27


Archived Updates:

March 26: ACHS Daily Update 3/26

March 26: SAS Daily Update 3/26

March 25: ACHS Daily Update 3/25

March 25:  SAS Daily Update 3/25

March 24: ACHS Daily Update 3/24

March 24: SAS Daily Update 3/24

March 23: SAS Daily Update, 3/23

March 23: ACHS Daily Update, 3/23

March 22: ACHS- Remote Learning Plan Update, 3/22

March 22: SAS Remote Learning Update - Sunday, 3/22/20

March 20: SAS Daily Update, 3/20

March 20: ACHS Daily Update, 3/20

March 19: Important Message Concerning 2020-2021 Enrollment

March 19: SAS Daily Update, 3/20

March 19: ACHS Daily Update, 3/19

March 18: SAS Daily Update, 3/18

March 18: AC- Daily Update, 3/18

March 17: SAS Daily Update, 3/17

March 17: ACHS Daily Update, 3/17

March 16: SAS Daily Update, 3/16

March 16: ACHS Daily Update, 3/16

March 13: ACHS Original Remote Learning Plan

March 12: SAS/ACHS Afternoon Update 3/12

March 12: SAS Daily Update, Morning 3/12

March 12: Arlington Catholic to Move to Online Learning

March 9: Corona Virus Update-- Building closes at 3pm each day for cleaning

March 3: Coronavirus update from the School Nurse


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